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All of the FHPN CME modules are live. You can access them via the link to the right. If you don’t have a profile in the CME database, you will be asked to create a profile with an email address and password of your choosing to access the modules.  You may also use a Florida Hospital opid and password to access the CME database.

FHPN brings value to the physician by providing:
  • Physician Leadership - Physicians are in leadership positions making decisions about the network
  • Population Health Support - A team of Population Management Advisers provide guidance
  • Education and Technical Support - A team of experts provide in-office support on population health tools
  • Care Management - Network nurses close care gaps and follow up with patients who need extra support
  • Enhancing Revenue - Opportunities to increase practice revenue through unique payment models
  • EHR Subsidy - Select EHRs offered to FHPN PCPs at significantly reduced rates
  • Explorys - Secure data platform used to track if physicians have met all the quality metrics for each FHPN patient 

Physicians are the core of FHPN.  Physician leadership is critical to clinical integration.  The governing structure of FHPN consists of 12 employed and independent physicians on the Board of Managers, as well as six hospital managers.   There are also six FHPN Committees that provide recommendations to the Board of Managers.  Each of the committees has 12 physician members and up to three hospital members.  If you are interested in joining FHPN please contact us. 

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